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Telepsychology Services

When you can't get to the office we can connect with you.


Dr. Randolph is well versed in telepsychology and offers internet based psychological services and coaching as well as multi-site family conferences and is pleased to be on the cutting edge of telepsychology for elders as an important tool in health care delivery. As people age they become less comfortable with long drives, health issues limit mobility and transportation is expensive. Research has shown that interactive video treatment for depression, anxiety and the emotional aspects of illness is effective. 

Families want the best quality of life and safety for their elders and elders want as much independence and autonomy as possible. There can be conflict in finding the comfortable and satisfying balance. Geographic distances complicate communication and decision making, and strain interpersonal relationships. 

Here is a real life example of telepsychology. Recently a woman with five daughters sought help. She was distraught because she did not know if it was time to leave her home and go to an assisted living facility. She said that every time she talked to one of her girls she got more confused. She was afraid that her problems were making them upset with each other. Two daughters lived close and three lived in other states. One daughter who was out of state was helping with financial decisions and one who lived close was overseeing health care. A third daughter was  helping with chores, shopping and self care. They each had an opinion about what their mother needed based on their interactions but did not agree. A teleconference was held with all six in attendance. Although this was  difficult conversation,  they were able to talk and understand  why they had different perspectives. The problems did not lessen but the solutions were easier with all the daughters on the same page as their mother. 

Whether face to face in the room or face to face through video, geriatric specialists can help elders and families.