Welcome to the Website of Dr. Alice Randolph, Geropsychologist.

Alice Randolph, Ed.D., MS Clinical Psychopharmacology has an office in Port Clinton, OH where she serves elders and their families with assessment, therapy and coaching in face-to-face sessions and through telehealth services, using video conferencing. 

Dr. Randolph is also clinical director of Psychological Transitions, a behavioral health practice for residents in nursing homes and assisted living.  Please go to www.psychologicaltransitions.com for information about our facility based services which are also both face to face and through videoconference.

Dr. Randolph presents workshops and web based training and consultation for psychologists,  caregivers and  staff  of healthcare facilities. 


Wants And Needs

 WIn Win Solutions

When the family roles and rules no longer work, there is confusion and frustration. 


So Many Questions

 Why can't I remember?

Do my kids understand?

Where should I live?

Am I losing my mind? 


Here or There

Telepsychology Services

When you can't get to the office we can connect with you.